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Artefakto: Tierra Electrica

  1. Tierra Electrica
  2. Nacion
  3. Sol Negro
  4. Dream Machines
  5. Sin Escape
  6. Metodos de Tortura
  7. Perversion
  8. Damage
  9. Nuevos Edificios
  10. Tierra Electrica II

One of the best "post-industrial" Mexican bands, this group has returned to create an excellent album, which drops quite a bit of their KMFDM-influence from their first album. This album generates a much heavier atmosphere, yet also comes across with a cleaner sound. Some of their influences show through in a few places (such as FLA or Clock DVA), but the band is very capable at constructing their own identity. This band provides us with some great programming, somewhat similar in vein to Mentallo, as well as adding in some heavy guitar without smothering the electronic ingredients. One thing that particularly impressed me was the drum programming; it sounded so clean and crisp. Another thing that impressed me was the band's decision to use their native tongue on almost all the songs, which definitely increases the depth, fluidness, and aggressiveness in the mix. I also really liked the manipulated organ sounds on Sol Negro'; they're damn catchy besides the fact that they are not sounds you would easily associate with an "industrial" album. (Kevin Congdon)

Artefakto are:
Pepe Mogt
Roberto Mendoza
Melo Ruz

Opcion Sonica, SA de CV
Tamaulipas 125-23, Col. Condesa,
06140 Mexico D.F.
Phone: 553 63 38
Fax: 286 42 72


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