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Various Artists: The Art of Brutality

  1. Remyl - Asleep
  2. din_fiv - Terminal Condition
  3. Sphere Lazza - Morpheus
  4. Bubblegum Crisis - Rip
  5. Xorcist - Be With Me
  6. Morning Gold Fix - Zap Dub
  7. Tekachi - Laffchur
  8. Erzulie ze Rouge - Soulkiller
  9. Terminal - Black Rain MK II
  10. Terminal - Refractal
  11. Diode - Spiral and Helix
  12. Thine Eyes - Thread
  13. Pounce Intl. - High Altitude Nosebleed
  14. Manhole Vortex - Fact
  15. :wumpscut: - War Combattery 2
  16. Altruistic Suicide - Numb
  17. Music For Isolation Tanks - Untitled #3

I have yet to be anything but impressed with anything Arts Industria has put out. And now with the advent of their first CD release, I have been totally blown from the water, and more level of respect is absolute for this company. The compilation they've put together covers all arenas of the electro/industrial venue. Well known import bands, mixed with small labels, and unsigned artists, resulting in a miasma of talent and sound. There is not one track on this CD that I don't absolutely adore. One interesting side note, several of the bands who did not receive enough votes for the RMI CD #2 have tracks on this CD, so you might want to check it out for that reason alone.

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619


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