AREA 88: Promo

  1. No Release From 4:19
  2. Nephilim 5:11
  3. Shameless 4:38
  4. Sinister Thing 4:27
  5. Resessions 4:56
  6. Invisible 3:40

AREA88 return with the addition of two new members, several live performances under their belt, and a few brand new songs. Both the addition of new personnel and performing live has done wonders for the band by adding more diverse musical input as well as forcing the rewrite of all the old material that is performed live. In fact the only track that remains in its original form on this demo is 'Shameless' which is probably the weakest track. AREA88 has also strayed from the typical club material with tracks like 'Nephilim' and 'Invisible' which showcase the bands ability to compose slower, more emotionally laced tracks without sacrificing the complexity of there music. For the club freaks their are still upbeat songs like 'No Release From' and 'Recessions' which should put you in the correct stomping mood. For those into more eclectic experimental pieces there are noisy, yet still rhythmic tracks like 'Sinister Thing'. This new AREA88 demo exhibits a definite positive upswing in their compositional skills, enough so that I can imagine the Portland trio to quite possibly break through into the next level.

Area 88 is: case, Cryonax, and m.c. death

1525 SW 14th #5
Portland, OR 97201


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