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Arcanum: The Spoken Scream

  1. The Rhythm Is A Sadist 4:00
  2. All Imperfect Things 4:01
  3. Love Like A Loaded Gun 4:25
  4. Marionette 2:59
  5. Masochist 4:02
  6. The King 4:51
  7. Losing Control 4:26
  8. The Puzzle Of Reflection 4:47
  9. I Can't Live My Life Like This 3:48
  10. Running From The Thunder 5:47
  11. God's Little Joke 5:29
  12. Cold Machine 4:56

While being labeled by other media as an Industrial cross over band, Arcanum is nothing but pop band with keyboard and sequencer. It is a shame that every band who has happened to follow the Nine Inch Nails phenomena has been labeled Industrial simple for their use of computer aided musical technology as it never does any band proper justice. Every track on the album is loaded classic pop hooks and choruses which suggest that this band should be immensely popular. A quick peek through the album liner notes proves that point with a list of four fan created band web pages located all over the world. That definitely has to account for something seeing as the band only has a single self produced album and two privately produced music videos. In any event, If you are looking for a pop band with excellent production and a cult following that Arcanum is the project for you.

Arcanum is:
Shazl - vocals, keyboards, piano, clarinet, sax
Brett Schieber - guitar, bass, keyboards, programming

3191 Davis Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 973-2403


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