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Arcanta: Arcanta

  1. A Fool's Cry
  2. Desert Prayer
  3. Maya
  4. Via Dolorosa

This debut EP by Arcanta is a magnificent collection of tracks with a singular focus on male a-capella vocals and a smattering of ambient musical undertones. Most of the vocal arrangement is performed via chants and ritual evocation in languages other than English. I'm not exactly sure what language the lyrics are in but it does seem to be of a ancient classical origin. Musical accompaniment is used only minimally and only to accentuate sections of the vocal work that might seem to be weak without the addition of music. The instruments used are both of natural and man-made origins. Several types of string instruments and eastern percussion devices are used as well as more common electronic synthesizers. Overall the entire EP has a very neo-classical feel to it, mirroring artists such as Dead Can Dance and Eden, yet with it's own unique origin and context. Definitely a project for fans of a more natural and mystical approach to musical composition.

Arcanta is: Thomas-Carlyle Ayres, Doug Chamberlin & Monti Medley

Projekt Records
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 913-9160


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