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Various : Apocalypse Now

Disc 1:

  1. Fear Factory - Self Immolation
  2. Razed in Black - Metamorphosis
  3. Swamp Terrorists - Dive-Right Jab
  4. Clay People - Pariah
  5. Front Line Assembly - Condemned
  6. Klute - Pressure
  7. Die Krupps - Isolation
  8. Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Pig Machine
  9. Under the Noise - This World Desire
  10. Fracture - Downtown
  11. DHI - Rage
  12. Holy Gang - Free! Tyson Free!
  13. 16 Volt - Motorskill
  14. The Fourth Man - Apocalypse
  15. Index - Angelfire

Disc 2:

  1. Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L.
  2. Nerve - Exposure
  3. Sielwolf - Beweglich Animalisch
  4. Skinny Puppy - T.F.W.O.
  5. Idiot Stare - Mad Drunk
  6. Gracious Shades - Heaven Gives Morphine
  7. Death Line Int'l - Alone
  8. Psychopomps - Scared Eyes Open Wide
  9. Killing Joke - Millennium
  10. Hate Dept. - This Doggy Bites
  11. Naked Apes - Mathematical Slaughter
  12. Templebeat - You Spin Me Round
  13. Steril - Temper
  14. Krebs Durch Arbeit - Jesusatan
  15. Dementia Simplex - Die Down

The German label Subterranean returns to showcase more acts within the electro-metal crossover breed. The compilation is fairly evenly divided between North American and European acts. You get some really good songs (Sielwolf, The Fourth Man, Klute) and some that are only one step away from being metal (Holy Gang, Strapping Young Lad). If you are into the electro-metal crossover or heavy angst-ridden "industrial" sound, the good on this disc far outweighs the band; if you're looking for strong electronics with a minimal amount of guitar, stay away. And I'm still confused as to why Killing Joke ends up on these type of compilations. I'm aware of the fact that they hard a large influence on the "post-industrial" sound, but their sound just does not seem to fit with many of these type of bands. This compilation may be a little more appropriate for a Killing Joke than others they have been on, but they still sound out of place here. As with the Metalmorphosis comp, there are few unreleased tracks; but due to the fact that this is a 2 CD compilation, there is more of a chance that people will get to hear unknown, but deserving acts.(Kevin Congdon)

Subterranean/Euro Media
Luciagasse 7
45894 Gelsenkirchen-Buer
Telephone/Fax: +49 (0) 209-930 88-33

E-mail: none

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