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Anubian Lights: The Eternal Sky

  1. Breaking The Seal
  2. Soul Herder
  3. Anubian Night Destiny
  4. Grid Coordinate - Vorp One
  5. Jackal And Nine
  6. Trismegistus
  7. Pulse of The Nile
  8. Arc of Ra
  9. Medulla Mirage
  10. The Various Hazards Of Being In The Underworld
  11. Field of Reeds

The Eternal Sky tells the tale of a journey through space & time of a merry band of travellers who are destined for something greater than the typical Egyptian afterlife. The journey is told via modern and traditional arrangements and composition. The use of vocals is kept to a bare minimum instead the focus of story is told through the inflection of the music itself. As usually with the gang from Hawkwind the drops in and out between ambient spacesapes to middle eastern percussion with time out for one or two more modern tracks. The context of the story is contained in the liner notes with the appropriate tracks labeled within the context of the literary work. The album itself functions best as an entire work of fiction rather than as individual cut up tracks and would fall under the concept album moniker. Anubian Lights leaves me wondering just exactly how many side projects Nik Turner really has and if anyone will ever let the man ever pass onto the afterlife himself?

Anubian Lights are:
Nik Turner - flutes, voices, sax, light
Len Del Rio - synths, programming, tapes, tronics, coordination
Grenas - keyboards, synths, tapes, hieroglisstic guitar
Paul Fox - loops, synth, keyboards, programming, cryptic hiss
Doran Shelley - guitar, electrostatic lyre
Del Dettmar - pitch to the midi orchestration, synths, protection
Simon House - electric violin, hiding
Brandon Labelle - percussion, loops, anteroom antics

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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