Album Cover

Angst: The Null Hypothesis

Side 1

  1. descent
  2. who am i to question God
  3. warm dry cell
  4. exactly precisely
  5. Godshaped void
  6. shades of light
  7. positive

Side 2

  1. lollapalooza
  2. boiling point
  3. effexor (venlafazine hcl)
  4. persistence
  5. five in the chamber
  6. nothing else

Here is an guitar industrial band who rather than create lyrics off the cuff, Angst creates a religious fundamentalist atmosphere with creative mind set and a positive mood. Normally I'm not to keen on bad who throw religion in my face, but in this case, if you overlook much of the lyrical content and focus in on the music, the talent is obvious. Matthew Nordan the sole creator of Angst is incredibly talented with both electric and the few places the acoustic guitar appears on this album. I highly recommend this band to those looking for a industrial band who makes you feel good about yourself and still has the musical talent to keep the sound from becoming tacky or rote.

Angst is: Matthew Nordan

137 Records
P.O. Box 204963 Yale Statioa
New Haven, CT 06520-4963


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