Album Cover

Angst: Strain

  1. Cursed
  2. Sin
  3. Waste of a Good Man
  4. Angry So Angry
  5. A Kiss
  6. Removed
  7. Here As One
  8. Prozac
  9. Streets of New Haven
  10. Midnight

Here is a hint for all musicians out there who think about mixing electric and acoutic guitar tracks on the same release, DON'T!! Where alone, any of the music presented here shows auspicious talent both in the guitar industrial realm, and acoustic work, by mixing both types of music interspersed on the same tape, it makes the listener wonder what exactly the message the artist is trying to present. The obvious influence of religion is present through the total work, but the message is garbled throughout distorted vocals, followed by clear, crystal tones of an acoustic guitar. Suggestion for the artist, next time, put your two distinct different styles of music on different releases, and we'll all not only enjoy your music more, but we'll accurately understand the message your trying to pass across to the listener.

Angst is: Matthew Nordan

137 Records
P.O. Box 204963 Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520-4963


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