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Android Lust: Resolution

  1. In The Arms of the Heretic 4:40
  2. Refuse 6:08
  3. Heathen 4:31
  4. Cruelty 4:23
  5. Suffer The Flesh 5:10
  6. Spine 4:15
  7. Visceral Stimulation 5:16
  8. Used 3:39
  9. Viscera 4:35
  10. Heathen (Witch's Hammer) 4:24
  11. Heathen (A Thousand Thoughts) 4:48

Android Lust is one of the few solo female Electro-Industrial acts in existence. I personally have never heard of another such project before. What makes this project so amazing is the overall increase in the quality of the music since the early demo tapes. "Resolution" has crisp production, constantly changing vocal effects, intelligent samples, original percussion and well arranged keyboard sections. Android Lust has the notable distinction of not sounding like any other act on the market, which is very rare for a debut album. Lyrically the album could use a little work. Although only half the tracks contains vocals, those that do all revolve around a common theme of poor self-esteem, abuse, hatred and other similar topics common to modern Electro bands. For a debut release to only contain one trouble area speaks highly of Android Lust. Great things should be expected from this band.

Android Lust is: Shikhee

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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