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And Christ Wept: Destroy Existence

  1. What Sorrow Becomes
  2. The Machine Rolls On
  3. Killing Addiction
  4. Dead World
  5. Sinking
  6. Fascist Statement
  7. Scorched Earth Policy
  8. Downtrodden
  9. Chokehold
  10. A Grief Stricken Reflection
  11. Halcyon
  12. Anti (Coat Hanger Mix)

And Christ Wept attempts to examine humanities social diseases at the finite level. Dissecting many of the specific issues of the modern technological world via music ACW follows directly in the footsteps of many of the original Industrial artists like SPK & Z'ev but with a more modern musical approach. It is almost as if you accelerated the industrial movement of the late 1970's twenty years into the future with the same ideologies and handed them a brand new K2500 keyboard to play with. Even the chosen name of the band explores the religious tenets imposed by the church upon the masses. You have to respect a band who does it's homework prior to forming. Definitely take a look at ACW as an empirical model of modern industrial music.

And Christ Wept are:
Robert Riscassi - guitar, synth, sampling, programming, sequencing, live noise
Chris Massey - voice, sampling, programming, live noise

VUZ Records
P.O. Box 170116
47181 Duisburg


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