Various Artists: An Ear To An Atmosphere

  1. Black Chamber - Cold 2:35
  2. She Silenced Seraphim - Sadu Nei/The Garden Stone 5:00
  3. FleshPulseFlesh - Freedom 5:00
  4. Electronic Control Organization - Sacrifice 3:22
  5. Dead Letter Office - Stitch 4:35
  6. Rhinovirus - Lou's Diner 3:18
  7. Communion - Emergence 5:13
  8. Bacchus - Bind 5:18
  9. Rupert - I Don't Know About You Anymore 2:39
  10. Chapel Blaque - Gravity 6:40
  11. BioFeedBack - Once Ceased 4:34
  12. Pulse - Godfuck 3:01
  13. Big Mouse - Wistful Organum 5:30
  14. Memory Without Pain - I Saw Death 3:20

An Ear To An Atmosphere is an extremely eclectic compilation with contributions coming from all over. From the electronic, noise, experimental, to other downright weird genres. I hesitate to call any of the tracks on this compilation industrial regardless of the experimental nature of many of the tracks. Instead the music is better described as a disturbingly twisted fusion of electronics. The one consistency throughout the compilation is the use of extremely poor vocalists. For the most part, not only can the vocalists not sing, but they are even painful to listen to for any length of time. It's as if the worlds worst collection of vocalists got together for a convention and decided to release a compilation. Aside from vocals, there are very few musical highlights to discuss other than the lack of any memorable tracks. Normally I have a very high tolerance and give independent releases the benefit that their artists are not taken from the cream of the crop, but this compilation is simply horrible.

Rack and Ruin Records
722 Dennis Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20901

E-mail: earsphere@aol.com

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