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Various Artists: Amplexus

  1. Vidna Obmana - The Transcending Quest - 19:37
  2. Thom Brennan - The Path Not Taken - 19:20
  3. Steve Roach - The Dreamer Descends - 20:26

The compilation originally was released as a three different limited edition 3" CD's on Amplexus Records in Europe. For the domestic reissue all three tracks were combined onto a single album. Amazingly enough each track seems to flow to the next almost effortlessly as if they had been written by the same artists. Now while it is true that each piece was written specifically for the Amplexus project, the only collaboration between the artists was Steve Roach's addition of ambience and treatments to the Thom Brennan piece. All the rest of the music was written in separate locations and at different times so it just slightly astounding that each piece meshes together so well. Obviously each piece consists of an approximately twenty minute composition of both natural and man-made percussion as well as environmental samples and other natural ambience. However each piece then has unique flare of each particular artists added to complete the overall concept of the track. So in the end, even though each piece is amazingly similar, in reality it is the individual talent of all three artists that shines through that makes this compilation so crisp and pristine.

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