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Various Artists: Amduscias

  1. Mike Czech - Untitled
  2. Rh Yau - Sweat Cling
  3. Job - Dystopia
  4. The Bran (Another Plight of Medic's) Pos - Human:Insect:Human
  5. Instagon - For Thee Lizard King's Birthday
  6. flapper - Dreambar
  7. Ah Son Brun Out - My Aura is Bigger Then Your Aura
  8. hc - untitled
  9. Aerobics King - untitled
  10. Petit Mal - Covering the Exposed
  11. Flatline Constrcut - Process
  12. Origami Replika - Stupid Microphone
  13. La Hannya - Drowning
  14. Kiosk - Antichthon
  15. Noise/Girl - Silky Doll
  16. Dr. Oblvious - Blockade Runner
  17. Turk Knifes Pope - no title
  18. Shiva Speedway - Sock Monkey
  19. Brite Moments - Evolution
  20. 3rd Rail Stepper - Bhazotl (D+Q Mix)
  21. Ipecac Loop - Music Box

"Amduscias" is a compilation that hits close to home. Until hearing this release, I thought my label had released one of the most diverse collections of unknown and underground electronic artists. I was wrong. Zenflesh wins that bragging right by a landslide. Of the 21 artists present, I have heard of only three and actually experienced only two. The artists compiled here cross all boundaries, with a primary focus on the eclectic, strange and downright bizarre. White noise, percussion, ethnic instrumentation, drum machines, cellos, reel to reel tapes, sampled voice, and guitar all play some roll in the construction of music on this compilation. Mere words cannot adequately describe the vibrant differences between tracks. The only way to properly experience this experimental masterpiece is to own a copy yourself and admire the fidelity on a pair of expensive headphones.

Zenflesh Records
P.O. Box 252065
Los Angeles, CA 90025


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