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Ambush: Rumours

  1. Arunner 7:09
  2. Sneak 6:09
  3. Forget It 5:37
  4. Cornered 6:20
  5. The Signal 5:49
  6. Taken Out 6:49
  7. No Chance 7:30

Ambush is the first release by the US wing of Mick Harris' Possible Records, made possible by Chicago based Invisible Records. As one would expect from various 12" appearances, Ambush is strong on percussion. Thick bass lines serve as guide lines for the Drum'N'Bass and Dark Step drum programming. The tempo varies widely throughout this far too short seven song release. 'Arunner' is almost melancholy compared to the savageness of 'Forget It' or 'The Signal'. Yet a theme of ironically dark electronics is used throughout "Rumours". The programming may seem cruelly harsh, but beneath surface lies a mirthful groove. Glen Eswall certainly knows how to have fun with his music, burying the inanity under layers of dense snare and kick drums.

Ambush is: Glen Eswall

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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