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Various Artists: Ambient Time Travellers

  1. Anubian Lights - Soul Herder
  2. 7 - Six
  3. The Brain - Precambrian Shift
  4. Dark Matter - Seeing Strange Lights
  5. Spaceship Eyes - Sea of Steps
  6. Zero Gravity - Mental Atmospheres
  7. Xylon - Bizarre Planet
  8. Dilate - Udism
  9. Geiz - Punctual Voices
  10. Surface 10 - Live Latitude

One of many compilations recently released in Hypnotic Records a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records. I had a chance to brief talk to the general manager of Cleopatra Records about why they release so many compilations and he answered with a very thought provoking answer of, "They sell better than the individual artists albums." Now there was something slightly unexpected, but if you enter the mind of the consumer and realize how far people often stretch their dollars these days you can understand why. They opt to purchase compilations of various artists that they are interested in on a single CD to decide if it is really worth their hard earned money to purchase the complete album. In this particular case, every track of this compilation exists elsewhere on it's artists album. By placing a variety of ambient artists together you begin to understand the subtle differences within the ambient genre and are slowly able to identify each artist on it's own, seperate from entirety of one musical work, often a very difficult feat within the ambient realm of music.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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