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Alien Faktor: Arterial Spray... and Cattle Mutilations

  1. Drained of Fluids
  2. Ants, Sheep, Drunks, and Whores
  3. Liber Hate
  4. The Divine Molestation
  5. Afterbirth
  6. Love Under Will
  7. V
  8. Zombie March
  9. Attrition
  10. The Kingdoms
  11. Unhealthy Associations
  12. The Power of One Bullet

With the release of their fifth album, Alien Faktor have chosen to shy away from some of their more caustic and noisier compositions in favor of a more solid Coldwave hybrid style of music. "Arterial Spray... " also marks the first time that live guitarist Mike Hunsberger has been considered and partner in the project. Vocalist and programmer Thomas Muschitz has also incorporated the aid of Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun on 'Liber Hate' and Scott Sturgis of Pain Station on 'Zombie March'. Overall this new infusion of musical input in conjunction with the more accessible music makes for a very catchy collections of songs. For the first time Alien Faktor has a musically cohesive release so listeners no longer have to endure a sometimes jarring genre change between tracks. Standout tracks include the almost acoustic string arrangements on 'The Divine Molestation', the slow dirge mood of 'Love Under Will' and the thundering vehemence of 'Ants, Sheep, Drunks, and Whores'. Once again the artwork and the overall presentation of the complete product is stellar. As long as Decibel Records continues to release such quality projects as the new Alien Faktor, they should be in business for quite some time.

Alien Faktor is:
Tom Muschitz - vocals, programming
Mike Hunsberger - guitar, bass, additional programming

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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