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Alien Faktor: Listen!

  1. X 16:29
  2. Jones City 14:27
  3. Tinnitus 15:32
  4. Ocean Space (Full) 15:30
  5. Billy Spercher's Graceland Adventure 3:51

This is the fourth Alien Faktor release with the past several years and it seems that each such release allows the artist to surprise us more at every turn. This particular album consists of four longer than normal tracks with little to no musical structure of any kind. Rather each track is little more than a loose of a collection of random vocal samples and noise sequenced together into a single entity. Each track borders heavily on what is typically called experimental music and stops just short of being labeled as an extreme noise band. I'm actually rather surprised that Tom didn't record this release under a separate name simply because it is so different that his other releases. Regardless, it does serve as a unique indicator in the diverse musical career that is Alien Faktor.

Alien Faktor is: Tom Muschitz

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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