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Alien Faktor: Final Expenses

  1. No One Can Make Me Do Anything I Don't Want To Do Anyway (Skullfucker Mix)
  2. Ego Death ( Apparatus N.C. Mix)
  3. Dysphoria (Remix)
  4. Obey (Disodium Mix)
  5. Ego Death (Medicine Mix)
  6. Tradition Of Violence
  7. Misanthrope (Jagged Little Pill Mix)
  8. Ego Death (Beaten To Death)
  9. Make Me!
  10. Dirge (Dirgedenoctic)
  11. Dawn

As usual with every Alien Faktor release, the listener gets pulled from one end of the musical spectrum to another from the very beginning. This time Tom Muschnitz has pulled together a diverse collection of remix artists to try their hand at deconstructing his music while lending a hand himself in a few places and a couple new tracks. Which the exception of my favorite AF track being remixed more times than should be considered legal, this EP stays true to the mold Tom has cast for it. Each track is suitably distinct enough from the original to hardly be remained title the same, but lucky for us Tom has better sense than myself and leaves the title behind for clarity. Any previous AF fan or someone who is into bizarrely experimental electro with just a hint accessibility will enjoy this release without failure.

Alien Faktor is: Tom Muschnitz

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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