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Alien Faktor: Abduction

  1. murder 03:14
  2. cranium 04:57
  3. somewhere in the dark 03:46
  4. afterlife 05:02
  5. guilt 05:51
  6. project pain 05:36
  7. 1970 04:13
  8. carrier 06:42
  9. blackice 04:09
  10. transexpress 04:07
  11. cranium (core - sample mix) 04:35
  12. blood 02:35
  13. BLIP 03:07
  14. kill me 03:50
  15. the killing floor 05:53

Somewhere between the moment of pleasure and pain lies Alien Faktor riding across the border of chemical emotion attempting to blur the razor's edge upon which we as the human machine reside. Almost like a bad drug trip the music oscillates between melody and cacophony with any haphazard contingency deemed as suitable for the locus of change. Not content to exist within any one musical direction AF swerves down a narrow road of digital and analogue instrumentation coaxing the occasional guitar to meld seemlessly with the potpourri of samples and electronic washes. There is absolutely no way to pin down the music being manufactured on by this band. It suffices to say that the one real justice due to this album is the physiological fulfillment of the listener.

Alien Faktor is: Thomas L. Muschitz

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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