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!Aiboforcen: Elixir Lytique

  1. Elixir Lytique
  2. Nekr-O-phelia
  3. Fading (B)rainbow (AL mix)
  4. Ghost of my Life (casper mix)
  5. Passage to Death
  6. A.I.D.S.
  7. Passage to Life
  8. Feel the Icy Blast
  9. Alice
  10. Death-tiny
  11. The Dying Rose
  12. E.W.I.F.
  13. Mezkal(t) (r.o. in mix)
  14. Schmerzens Tor
  15. Fading (B)rainbow (saboteur mix)
  16. A.I.D.S. (serovisionic mix)

While I have been fairly impressed with many of this bands' tracks that have appeared on various compilations, their first full-length disc left me with wanting a little more. They present a strong electro groove mixed with heavy techno ingredients along with some harsh, distorted vocals. But they don't supply anything that really help them stand out from other bands involved in a similar style. One problem seems to be that the band relies too much on basic or repetitive dance rhythms; although to their credit, they do make the rhythms extremely catchy such as on the tracks A.I.D.S.' and Death-tiny'. They come across best when they insert some additional features to songs such as the poppiness of Ghost of My Life; the experimental/soundtrack stylings of Passage to Death' and Passage to Life'; or the gothic elements of Schmerzens Tor' and their interesting cover of Sisters of Mercy's Alice.' The main vocalist sounds better with vocal effects, because when the vocalist uses his natural voice on songs, they don't seem to fit the music (and sometimes they sound completely out of tune), which eventually becomes annoying; but they do have a few songs which have female vocals which brings in a nice contrast. (Kevin Congdon)

!Aiborforcen are:
Benoit Blanchart -music, keyboards, sampling, backings
Seba Dolimont - lyrics, lead vocals, sampling, concept

Celtic Circle Productions
PO Box 7113
47601 Geldern Germany
Phone: +40 (0) 2831 87264


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