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Aghast View: Carcinopest

  1. Payoff
  2. Fade Away
  3. Torrent Haze
  4. God's Fist
  5. Immunity
  6. Per/Version
  7. Intervention
  8. Down Race
  9. Truthlike
  10. God's Acre
  11. Immunity (Dub)
  12. Fadefuck
  13. Vaporize

Aghast View is the primary project of Fabricio Viscardi who also busies himself with his bizarre Coldwave crossover project Biopsy. Fabricio must have the worst luck in the world as this album was originally slated for release two years ago on Cri Di Chat Records in Brazil before the unfortunate demise of the label. Until just a few months ago Colorado label ElectroDeathTrip Records planned to release the album. It was then abruptly dropped and surprisingly picked up by the newly created Canadian Electro label Gashed who is a subsidiary of Mimicry Distribution. As a result the music on this album is over two years in the making and highly anticipated after the successful "Vapor Eyes" remix album.

Musically, Aghast View is about as uniquely twisted in the Electro realm as its twin project Biospy is in the Coldwave realm. There must be something in the Brazilian water supply that encourages innovative music. Critics label Aghast View as yet another Electro act, but I don't see it that way. The programming is too complex to be redundant. While the band certainly utilize loops to construct a great deal of their music, they constantly change tempo, mood, and direction. The loops never become stale as they are constantly refreshed and taken in new directions. They even restirtc their sparse use of movie sampling lesser known sources. Aghast View is simply one of the best South American Electro acts to hit North America.

Aghast View are: Denis Rudge, Guilherme Piers & Fabricio Viscardi

Gashed Records
P.O. Box 51018
Rpotyndall, Winnipeg
Manitoba, Canada
R2R 1Z8


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