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Aghast View: Vapor Eyes

  1. Vaporize (Original mx)
  2. Torrent Haze (Rapid Torture rmx)
  3. Vaporize (Solid State mx)
  4. Torrent Haze (Original mx)
  5. Vaporize (:wumpscut: rmx)
  6. Torrent Haze (No Trial rmx)
  7. Sub/version
  8. Fade Out (No Doubt rmx)
  9. The Sun Rises As We Speak
  10. Chemical Warfare (Cyanide mixx)
  11. Chemical Warfare (Sublethal Asphyxiation)
  12. Chemical Warfare (Overchemical Toxemia)
  13. Collateral Effects
  14. Collateral Effects of Chemical War

While I was disappointed in the fact that this wasn't really a new album, this new remix CD from one of the great electronic Brazilian groups (which, as an added bonus, includes one of their earlier EPs, "Chemicalstorm") shows that their more coldwave-styled side project Biopsy has influenced the new material of the main project to some degree. This is especially evident on the track Fade Out," with its inclusion of a number of guitar riffs and its heavier, chaotic atmosphere. But not to fear, they still present their masterful electronic wizardry with their precise rhythms, moving sequences and hard-driving beats; and they still deliver their distorted, yet intelligible vocals and their lyrics which deal with the disgust they have for much of humanity, while seeming to give them an underlying message of hope as well. Although each remix brings something new to the songs, there doesn't seem to be a wide variance between the remixes; this would have been a stronger release if they would have added some songs that had been radically remixed (such as letting someone in the Ambient or Trance field do a remix). This release also contains a remix by Mr. Ratzinger for all you :wumpscut: aficionados out there (and yes it's quite a good remix, although somewhat tame in comparisons to others he has done). (Kevin Congdon)

Aghast View are:
Denis Rudge
Guilherme Piers
Fabricio Viscardi

Contact: Cru Di Chat
Cx. Postal 42396
CEP 04299-970
Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil


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