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The Aggression: Whitelineoverride

  1. Arena85
  2. Disposable Memories
  3. Airily
  4. The End of Everything
  5. Disheveled Star
  6. Cockdiesel
  7. Gemini Sky
  8. Gateway (to the inevitable)
  9. Devil's Crossing
  10. Permanent

Blasting off from a handful of rather successful demo tapes, The Aggression finally have found a home on Tinman Records. However, unlike their guitar laden music of old, this time around they have chosen to accentuate the electronic portion of their musical talent. Now don't get me wrong, a fair amount of rhythm guitar work is still present, but it no longer clutters the mix and serves only to fill the emptier portions of a track. About half the tracks on the album are reworked and remastered version of older tracks that appeared on several demos while the remainder is brand new material. This means there remains just enough of the older Aggression sound to appeal to their older fans. While mostly devoid of any identifiable musical comparisons, some of the tracks bear a strong resemblance to Sister Machine Gun material, but that has more to do with the fact that Chris Randall produced six tracks on the album than an attempt to sound like the band. By far, the most intriguing track on the album has to be the hidden track, 'The Chicago Drinking Song'. It was recorded late one evening in Warzone studios after all engineers had left for the day without the benefit of the mastering computer. So the guitar work is all done on an acoustic instrument and the filler electronics are all very basic. However unindustrial the track may be, it does an excellent job of showcasing the musical talents of The Aggression without the aid of an expensive mastering system.

The Aggression are:
F.J. Desanto - vocals, programming, bass guitar
Tom Whitfleet - guitars, programming, backing vox
Mark Mohtashemi - guitars, programming, backing vox
Michael Hess - keyboards

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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