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Adversary: The Winter's Harvest

  1. Absence of Mercy 4:44
  2. Insufferable Love 4:59
  3. Severance 4:06
  4. Ah Pook the Destroyer 3:45
  5. Deceiver 3:45
  6. Obsessed (Instrumental) 2:20
  7. Bringer of Darkness 5:52
  8. Anti-Life Equation (Instrumental) 3:40
  9. The Winter's Harvest 4:39
  10. Ipecac Pool (Instrumental) 17:22

Adversary while not a industrial band, is the metal side project of Ed Finkler of Cult of Jester. Ed has taken on the role of electronic percussionist and programmer in this extremely unconventional metal experience. Adversary makes no pretenses that it's origins are derived from the nineties black metal to the late stages of the doom movement. They make no attempt to pull any punches in their vehement assault on your aural senses. One unique feature of this release is that each member of Adversary has written it's one instrumental track totally on their own without the aid of any other member. While Jack Botos and Ray Miller have chosen to utilize long drawn out guitars solos to exhibit their prowess on their instrument of choice, Ed has chosen an entirely different direction. He has composed an entirely electronic seventeen minute lush soundscape which borders on ethereal ambience. The entire track lies in dischord with the remainder of the album and even goes as far as to pay tribute to Cameron Lewis of Ipecac Loop by titling the track, 'Ipecac Pool'. As a special added bonus Jared Hendrickson of Chemlab donates a few vocal samples on 'Ah Pook The Destroyer' which were taken from a prank phone call message by Jared which was instigated by Ed. Obviously, Adversary are not meant to be taken seriously, but more as a fun filled venture to write music they enjoy and to totally disregard the capitolist marketing concepts of today's music industry. A task at which they perform remarkably well.

Adversary is:
Jack Boss - all guitars
Ed Finkler - programming, keyboards, sampling, backing vocals
Ray Miller - vocals, bass, backing vocals

Cursed Productions
P.O. Box 302
Elkhart, IN 46515-0302
(219) 294-6610


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