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Acumen Nation: If You Were/Bleed For You

  1. If You Were (Radio Edit)
  2. Bleed For You (Radio Edit)
  3. If You Were (Acucrack Remix)
  4. Bleed For You (Verbal Mix)
  5. Ventilator (Verbal Mix)
  6. Cowboy God
  7. Gun Lover 1998 (Acucrack Remix)
  8. If You Weren't So Goddamn Stupid...

Not only does Acumen Nation have one single for their third album "More Human Heart", but they have a second in the form of "If You Were/Bleed For You". This single contains two radio edits of the title tracks as well as two very Techno oriented mixes assembled under the bands alter-ego of DJ? Acucrack. Also included in the single is a clubified version of 'Ventilator', and all new track 'Cowboy God' which is the only track to remain unenhanced, and a electronic mix of the most famous Acumen Nation track 'Gun Lover', which fans have been asking about for years. Lastly, the single ends with a humorous megamix of 'If You Were', humorously titled 'If You Weren't So Goddamn Stupid...'. Crack-heads and Crack-whores alike should grab this single before the limited pressing sells out, especially if you are looking for electronic heavy remixes of your favorite Acumen Nation material.

Acumen Nation is: Jason Novak, Ethan Novak, Jamie Duffy & Greg Lopez

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