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Acumen Nation: Unkind

  1. Unkind
  2. Revelations Per Minute
  3. Revelations Per Minute (Fun Blast Mix)
  4. Unkind (Oscillator Mix)
  5. Revelations Per Minute (Revolution Pollution Mix)
  6. Unkind (Eyeamgod Mix)
  7. Whisper to a Scream (Version 1.2)
  8. Queener (Robotkids Acuhack Mix)

One of the benefits of being signed to a real record label is that Acumen Nation gets to release it's first single ever. However I hesitate to call it a single because of the diversity of six remixes present alongside the two album tracks which make it more of an EP. Club fans will be thrilled with "Unkind" as all of the remixes are definitely more dance friendly with additional electronics and a higher BPM to entice to crowds onto the dance floors. Interestingly enough, perhaps the best remixes on "Unkind" are those performed by the band themselves under their Techno alter-ego of DJ Acucrack. While the tracks reworked by Chris Randall, Martin Atkins and Mark LaCorte are impressive, the two DJ Acucrack mixes are the most reworked with the sole exception of the Robotkids Acuhack Mix of 'Queener' by Josh Randall of Institute of Technology which is simply incredible. Acumen Nation has definitely taken the advantage of a single to it's extreme and released one of the best synthcore singles of the year.

Acumen Nation is: Jason Novak, Ethan Novak, Jamie Duffy & Greg Lopez

Conscience Records
450 West 15th Street
Suite 405
New York, NY 10011


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