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Acumen: Territory=Universe

  1. Stone Farm - 6:00
  2. DJentrify (Copyright Mix) - 4:22
  3. Candy Prowled - 5:15
  4. You Deal With This - 6:14
  5. Queener - 4:15
  6. Nothing Changes - 4:35
  7. Mister Sandman, I Am - 3:47
  8. Crazy Stalked Eyes - 8:22
  9. Fuckface - 5:36
  10. Mike (Thyroid Mix) - 4:05
  11. CD-ROM Track

Acumen return from what I felt was a disappointing remastering of their debut album to an explosive sophomore release that reaffirms my faith in the band. Musically the band seems to have dealt with the fact that the guitar were mixed rather heavily into the mix of their previous album and have gone out of their way to rectify the situation. No single facet of this album drowns out any other which does marvels for the overall crispness of the album. A large portion of this quite probably stems from the fact that the bands own guitarist, Jamie Duffy, engineered the album at Chicago Trax. Ever present on the album are the usual Acumen hip hop funk sensibilities and wise cracking lyrics that the fans have grown to know and love. As a band Acumen have become extremely tight musically, have learned from their previous oversights, and have now solidified into a premire coldwave band which is more than evident by the concise manner in which this album has been constructed. Also present on the album is a multimedia track located for the first time at the end of all the music tracks instead of track one. Included on the CD-ROM track are the lyrics to Mike which was originally released on the Fifth Column, "Forced Cranial Removal" sampler, as well as several audio snippets from various tracks on the album with so rather wild fully motion graphics.

Acumen are:
Jason Novak - vocals, machinery, guitars
Ethan Novak - drums, guitars
Jamie Duffy - guitars, samples
Gregory A. Lopez - bass, drums

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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