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Acumen: Transmissions From Eville

  1. initialize transmission 0:46
  2. matador 5:38
  3. eville 5:19
  4. gun lover 4:13
  5. the worms 3:48
  6. f.w.m. 4:38
  7. father in the wall 4:59
  8. noarms nolegs 5:10
  9. anchorite 3:25
  10. chameleon skin 9:22
  11. sutures 8:28
  12. finalize transmission 3:31

All I can do is sigh heavily and wonder if the obnoxious guitars can ever end. I truely enjoy this band immensely, but the when you compare the original release of most of this material on Robot Records to the newer mixes on this album, the guitar level has increased tenfold. In fact if you didn't know better you might confuse Acumen with the likes of Ministry which I know they abhor being compared too. The only relative advantage this album provides over its predecessor is that if you plan on seeing Acumen live, they sound exactly the same on the album as they do performing in concert. Usually guitars levels increase at a show however they can't increase any more than the already overbearance they provide here. All I can say is that I'm terribly disappointed that the guitars are so present in the music mix and I hope the band either wants it this way to gather a fan base.

Gun-Lover: Lyrics

i don't fucking care about the state of the nation about the state of your mind about the states and capitalism (rhythm scism) who cares about the state of your race who cares about the waste of your time in fact its just another pinprick! i don't fucking care about the sick in the streets about the sick in your mind about the excuses for the sickness (in this furnace) burn about the city streets and burn about the their sleepy beds teach them about the ways of the crazy poets turn around and buy yourself a gun yes i said by yourself alone let no see and no one feel the hate you love to show me.

Acumen are:
Jason Novak - vocals, programming, backing guitars
Gregory A. Lopez - bass, live drums
Ethan Novak - guitars, live drums
Jamie Duffy - guitars

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
Washington DC 20044


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