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Active Media Disease: Lost

  1. Lost
  2. Friends & Freaks
  3. Contact Defect
  4. Sugarcorpse

While there is nothing on this disc that can quite compare to the brutality and excitement of their track Blessing' off the "Freeze 2" compilation, this Finnish band still offers some quality tracks and definitely show that they are an upcoming band to watch for in the near future. They provide a good combination of driving beats, moody atmospheres, and hard guitars along with great vocals that range from a heartfelt pop style to a demonic growl. Most of their lyrics are of a very personal nature, something that is becoming more a little more prevalent in this genre, but still not widely used. The quality and depth on this CD makes me eagerly await their full-length which hopefully will be out sometime later this year. Both the title track and Contact Defect" are excellent; Lost', with its infectious lyrics and constant motion; Contact Defect' with its Attrition-like sound of light, soothing synths in the beginning, which develops into a monster of pounding beats and throbbing guitars. (Kevin Congdon)

[Active] Media Disease are:
Dim Jay - vocals, keyboards
Sam Bizarre - keyboards
C. Caitlin Roeg - keyboards, guitars

Cyberware Productions
PO Box 623 FIN-33101
Tampere, Finland
+358-(9)31 21 31 554


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