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Abstinence: Theorem

  1. Ramifications 3:19
  2. Oligarchical Deception 2:56
  3. Polymorphism 3:14
  4. Stratum 3:34
  5. Necessitate Naturalism 4:09
  6. Drowning From Impending Danger 3:50
  7. Data Convulsion 2:51
  8. Tropism 3:30
  9. Pu.tre.fak'shen 2:01
  10. S.O. T. (Sound on Tape) 4:15
  11. Last Cry of an Irresolute Society 3:24
  12. Elektrotherapy 2:54
  13. Space Quantized in a Magnetic Field 6:49
  14. Freeze Frame Prophets 4:12
  15. The Banished 3:19
  16. Scanned 5:46

The sophmore effort of the new album by Abstinence demonstrates nothing but musical growth by the band which is unusual as most second albums tend to be a step backwards for many bands. The same premise to developed music which modern society does not deem as music presides through the album. The amount of guitar work has plummeted and the effort put into creative sampling, percussion and programming has increased tenfold. If I was forced to place a label on this album hard core electronic experimental music might suffice. The thrash presence is evident with the grinding percussion and thundering drums in places and the desire to delve into new levels of electronic experimentation is obvious. Nothing your going to find yourself dancing to any time soon but a definite groundwork for an avenue of music little explored.

Abstinence is: Darry Hell, Mike Roberts, John Bechdel & Raven

Furnace Records
340 Bryant St.
3rd Floor East
San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax (415) 957-0779


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