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Abstinence: Revolt of the Cyberchrist

  1. Mindgames
  2. Interface
  3. Cybersapien
  4. Sickness of Morality
  5. Hunt of the Humans
  6. Betdown
  7. Revolt of the Cyberchrist
  8. Power of the Radio
  9. Frigid Changes
  10. Mechanomorphis
  11. Neurocapacitor
  12. Multiple Cross Wounds
  13. In the Time of Deception

"The concept behind Abstinence is to 'abstain' from what people think is music." I'm not exactly sure what music is being abstained from here. The usual dissonant electronic cacophony is ever present throughout the album. Maybe you can't exactly pick out any obvious musical influences or point out any similarities to any other 'industrial' type bands but that doesn't make the band special in any way, just unique in sound not in concept. The music is a little grinding in places almost enough to make me grimace in pain and perhaps that is notion being explored in this album. The ability to take a sound, which by itself doesn't constitute anything but annoyance and include it with several other alike sounds to produce music. The outcome is a quirky jarring mix of both sound and beat almost enough that a sound purist might enjoy the album.

Abstinence are: Darryl Hell & Mike Roberts

Furnace Records
101 Townsend Suite 206
San Francisco, CA 94107
FAX (415) 957-0779


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