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Absolute Body Control:

Eat This - A Collection Of Material From 1980-84

  1. Clouds 3:59
  2. Melting Away 2:40
  3. Faceless 2:43
  4. Love At First Sight 2:53
  5. Eat This 2:25
  6. A Broken Dream 3:17
  7. What Is The Disease? 3:10
  8. Arabesque 2:42
  9. Automatic 3:54
  10. Lonely This Xmas 3:54
  11. Is There An Exit? 4:27
  12. I Am Leaving 4:54

Before there was the Klinik, before Dirk went solo with Dive and Eric formed Insekt, there was Absolute Body Control. The band name itself evokes bad Nitzer Ebb nightmares of the european EBM movement of the early eighties. ABC was one of the first electro bands to break away from the trendy euro-pop and add a distinct razor edge to it's music. It also provides an excellent insight into the early musical career of the men responsible for much of the european electro movement being what it is today. With such bands as The Klinik, Dive, Orange Sector, & Insekt derived as the end product of the early work in ABC you can't help but feel akin to the music and ignore the dated sound. Definitely something for the nostalgic electro crowd to add to their collection.

Absolute Body Control are:
Dirk Ivens - voice, electronics
Eric Van Wonterghem - electronics

VUZ Records
P.O. Box 170116
47181 Duisburg


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