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:a~POD - A Product of Discord

  1. Cerebral Scars
  2. Chemical Burn
  3. Evil Max
  4. Re-Lapse
  5. Rat Trap
  6. Dr. Jest
  7. Bit's & Piece's
  8. Enemy

:a~POD are one of those bands who appropriate so many diverse genres of music into their repertoire that they defy classification. The vocal work is a cross between the hostility of Punk and the urban rhetoric of Hip-Hop. The lyrical content is political, nonsensical, rhythmical and purely instrumental. The barrage of sounds, ideas, and random lexicon stagger the mind. Musically, electronics are used for the core of the composition, most specifically, percussion of all shapes and forms. Random guitar fuzz and keyboard warbles sever into the mix like a catastrophic auto accident. "A Product of Discord" explain this album in a way I never could. :a~POD pillage and ransack modern musical culture for their own nefarious purposes that never become stagnant.

:a~POD is: Luke Williamson & Aaron Davison

P.O. Box 14263
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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