:a~POD - A Product of Discord

  1. Cerebral Scars
  2. ScitzScitzScitz
  3. Abort
  4. Evil Max
  5. Rattrap

This oddly named and packaged demo arrived with little or no contact information with the sole exception of a random piece of scrawled text asking for a review. So I dropped it into my tape deck expecting the absolute worst and instead ended up being pleasantly surprised at both the musical quality and originality. Now to be fair, the production quality of the demo is abysmal at best, barely listenable at the worst, but what music that is discernible shows great promise. :a~POD fuse some of the best elements of hip-hip, rap, funk, electro and hardcore into a very upbeat collage of beats, grooves and verbal abuse. Musically they share a great deal in common with bands like SMP, Non-Aggression Pact and Pop Will Eat Itself for their blatant disregard of standard musical doctrine and the use of what are normally non-complementary styles of music. :a~POD just needs to spend some time and money on a good studio and engineer so that the subtle elements of their music are given a chance to standout.

:a~POD is: Luke Williamson & Aaron Davison

E-mail: roger@magusbooks.com

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