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A Different Kind of Cop: .dmo

  1. Conscience
  2. Concession
  3. Anger is My Friend
  4. Machine Humaine

A Different Kind of Cop produce what appears at face value to be a very jerky style of electronic music with far too many preset keyboard sounds. They make good use of changing timing signatures throughout each track with the tempo constantly being switched but at times it seems that they do it too often. Just when you are starting to really get into a particular programmed loop, it suddenly disappears and is replaced by something much slower or extremely faster throwing the you off completely. This fact alone defeats the notion that this band would be effectly in a club audience because it cannot hold even a constant tempo for more than thirty seconds. The lyrics are perhaps the strongest element on the entire release with their solid mixing levels and easy to sing along to nature. The lead-ins and exits of the tracks are also very strong but do not remain constant within the body of the track which tend detract from the overall balance of the music. A Different Kind of Cop needs to try and pinpoint exactly what type of listening audience they are trying to cater too and adjust the timing of their tracks to a more uniform level to attract a strong following. They have many of the basic key points down well and just need to develop a cohesive package in which to wrap their music in order to be successful.

T. Samoff
746A Poli St.
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 653-0243


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