Editorial: October 1997

You mean I'm supposed to have an opinion on something? Get your own damn opinion. I'm sick and tired of always telling you want to think, It's about time you thought for yourself! Instead of sitting back and whining about how bad off you are, turn off the god-damn television, get off the moldy couch, and go out into the world and fix the problem yourself

The only person responsible for your problems is you, that's right you. It's not the fault of the guy who wouldn't hire you because you looked funny, or the chick who cut you off on the freeway, or even the dog who crapped in your yard. It's all about you, you broke it, you fix it. Quite expecting the universe to stop and offer you a free ride. Contrary to popular belief life isn't free

So quit crawling to me for the quick fix, because I'm not going to give it to you anymore. I'm going to slam the door in your face and make you face your own addictions. I'm not going to pick you up when you down, in fact, I'm going to just kick your ass harder for being such a leech. When the going gets tough, get your body in gear, and quit making excuses.


The management apologizes for the offensive behavior of it's dfx staff this month. If you would like to contribute something more appropriate please contact us at: dfx@sonic-boom.com

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