Editorial: Are You Aiding or Hindering the Scene?

The state of affairs in the underground music community right now is appalling. The trend seems to be on a steep downward slide. Acting like an elitist snob doesn't make you cool, it makes you a jerk! Underground music is supposed to be about community, about working together. If it weren't for collaboration the underground scene wouldn't exist at all! Do you think that bands like Skinny Puppy or Front 242 got anywhere from commercial support? Get real, it was because people in the scene did everything they could to help each other. What do you think Pigface is? It's a bunch of people in the scene getting together and collaborating (i.e. helping each other)! Bearing all this in mind, let's take a little test. Where do you stand?

Question 1:

A - I go to concerts to show my support to the bands, club owners, and other fans in the scene and to encourage the scene to grow and prosper. I especially show support to local bands and new performers.

B - I rarely go to concerts. I especially don't go if so-and-so may/may not be there, or if I don't have two-hours before the show to make myself look cool. When I do go, I often spend my time bitching about how lame everything is.

Question 2:

A - Have you heard [band name]? They're really good, you'd probably like them. Tell you what, I'll make you a mix tape... I saw [band] at [club] the other day, they were great, you should check them out.

B - That [person's name] sucks, [band] sucks, [instrument(s)] suck in this music! I hate this, I hate that, I hate her, I hate you...

Question 3:

A - I'm in a band, and when I'm offered the opportunity to play shows with other bands, I try to make sure our styles fit together. If they don't, I try to recommend a band that would work better.

B - I'm in a band, and when I'm offered the chance to play a show I take it no matter how badly my music might clash with the other bands.

Question 4:

A - I do my utmost best to make sure that if my band agreed to play a show, we play that show!

B - I have no problem canceling shows for any reason at all. Hell, sometimes I don't even need a reason!

There's a lot more to put up here, but I think you get the point.

If you answered "B" to any of these questions, you are hurting the scene!!!! Sure, we all have our times of pettiness, but it's the people who consistently do these things that are tearing this scene apart. Remember you need to act positively. If you only put out negative nothing positive will happen! This goes for the musicians as well as the fans.

Musicians- if you don't play your show dates, people aren't going to put their faith in you anymore, and you'll loose your audience. Same goes for not putting out your best effort when you do play shows. I understand about burnout and mishaps, but you can reschedule if that happens. And yes, record companies can be a pain in the ass, but remember it's your name people are going to be trashing if you put out a half-assed album.

Fans- You are the life of this scene! Without you to support the musicians there would be no scene. You dictate everything that happens in the music industry. If you don't go to shows clubs will stop booking bands, and bands will stop playing concerts. If you don't show positive support and you don't buy albums (CDs, Cassettes, LPs), then the bands will stop making music! Show your support, and make sure the music you love continues to be made!

Cheyne Cryonax

[Sonic Boom]

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