Editorial: April 1997

Oh, you mean I'm supposed to have some type of editorial here. Silly me, here I am releasing the next issue of my magazine, and I forget the most important part. That part where I get up on my little soap box and preach to you about the state of the industry or other such meaning less tripe. Well guess what, I am simply not going to do it this month.

Why, you might ask? Well, I'm glad your curious enough to read this far. The problem is, that as much as I write, preach, and hit people over the forehead with a steel mallet, they simply don't listen. I can now see you telling yourself that you must be listening, why else would you be insane enough to actually read this far along in the first place? Well, therein lies the rub.

I'm here to accuse you of just reading and not comprehending. If you were actually listening, as opposed to ignoring the little characters currently dwelling on your computer screen, you wouldn't be here. Instead, you'd be out working your ass of trying to better music scene which you have unfortunately attached yourself to.

That's right, log off the damn computer. Go outside, go to a music store and convince some customer to buy your favorite band, make up flyers for a band that happens to be playing in your town next week, volunteer at your local community radio station and secretly replace that moldy, overplayed NIN CD, with a nice shiney, new Haujobb album. Suddenly, you must be asking yourself, why the fuck, is this guy ordering me around? Well, if you have to ask yourself that question, you obviously still don't get it.

The whole point here is to get off your ass and do something about the music scene which you seem always criticise and whine about. It's no wonder that this scene sucks, when lazy ass, elistist bastards, like you, just complain and never actually do anything to improve this so called 'scene'.

Now before you accuse me of the same thing, sit back and actually listen. In my free time, with absolutely _no_ compensation, I write and publish a monthly on-line magazine, DJ 2-3 hours of radio a week, produce a monthly cable access video show, and am releasing a compilation CD of local bands. I do all this and guess what, the scene here in Portland is, *gasp*, actually getting better.

To think that one little person, with the help of a few well placed minions can actually make a difference. What would happen if in every major city across the world, there was someone like me? Hrm, perhaps this scene would be a flourishing genre, full of talented acts finally receiving the credit they so richly deserve?

So think about it a little Then get off your ass, do something, and quit whining. Hypocrisy will get you nowhere in life, and it certainly isn't helping out the music scene you have attached yourself to. To steal a catch phrase, "Think Globally, Act Locally!"


P.S.: Kudos if you actually figured that I indeed lied to you in the first paragraph. That means you actually listened. Perhaps there is some hope for this scene yet. Jester

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