Editorial: December 1997

*Ack* It the time of year again where we all congregate with our relatives in a vain attempt to celebrate some type of farcical religious ceremony which is more based upon big business and marketing than religion. As a result most of us end up being rather depressed (or obsessed depending on how you look at it) this time of year. However, don't fret there is a cure to your holiday (black &) blues.

The cure comes in the form of the soon to be released Doppler Effect Records compilation titled Resurgence. This double CD compilation features all the best in Pacific Northwest Electro-Industrial and experimental music. Featuring bands like; Noxious Emotion, SMP, Thine Eyes, Tinty Music, AREA 88, sexwithsarah, SpineFolder, Mesmer, lxl and may more. If you enjoyed Doppler Effects Records first release Undercurrent, then you will love Resurgence, so order a copy today! We also currently have T-Shirts available for both of our releases so come on down and check us out.

I'll take a step back a moment from the shameless promotion of my record label to remind you that for every Doppler Effect Records release you purchase, we donate a portion to a starving electronic artist in Portland *. This means for every for every 100 copies of our music you purchase, another Kurzweil 2500 finds a new home!


* Okay, so we lied!

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