Editorial: November 1997

Well a certain stunning miracle occurred on Friday, November 14th. That was the day I made my weekly pilgrimage to my post office box. I opened the box and what should be inside besides the promotional copy of Option, and two demo tapes, but a CDR containing the entire web site I had lost back on June 3rd.

After recovering from the initial shock of finally, after 5.5 months, of obtaining over forty Megabytes worth of Industrial verbiage that I had spewed out over the previous 4 years, I drove like a maniac back to work where I promptly plopped the CDR into my CD-ROM drive and copied the data over to my home directory.

In short, I am proud to announce that as of the time you read this editorial, all of the archived Sonic-Boom material that people have been mailing me for months about, is now back-on-line where it should be. I've also taken an extra precaution of keeping several back-up copies of the data just in case of another catastrophic failure.

Of course there are a few of you who will be whining about why I am so late with this issue. The key reason is the volume of time I took to reformat and change the archive material into the new Sonic-Boom format. With the secondary excuse that I was in the studio for 24 hours over the weekend of November 15 & 16th producing the second compilation CD entitled Resurgence that will be out on Doppler Effect Records in January.

I'd like to take a moment to thank case of AREA88 for his tireless engineering work in making Resurgence sound excellent, Laird Sheldahl of Thine Eyes for the loan of his Gigabyte hard drive, without which we wouldn't have been able to master as fast, Jerry of RKiK for the loan of his CDR burner so that we can press out CD's faster, and m.c.death of Attenuated Euphoria for the use of his DAT machine and his extra effort of dumping all 30 DAT's into ProTools before we went into the studio.

So sit back, peruse your favorite artist's interview that is now back on-line, dig through old reviews to help fill out your already too large CD collection, or send me flame mail about how much of a schmuck I am because I can't release a magazine on a timely basis.


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