Editorial: January 1997

Happy New Year and all that insignificant holiday nonsense. With the passing of a year comes the advent of tax season, bad entertainment award shows, and hundreds of new laws enacted. As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of this time of year, so we'll leave it at that. However, I have been keeping busy with more than my fair share of musically related items, so I'll share all of them with you.

As of December 16th, I am now an official DJ at KPSU, 1450AM, Portland. However, while I may be a trained DJ, I still don't have an official time slot yet. Hopefully within the next two weeks that will happen. In the meantime I have been substituting for other DJ's and using up more than my fair share of the rotating announcer timeslots. The show is called All The Rooms were Wired For Sound and present and past playlists can be found online.

The cable access music video show is starting to finally become a little more firm. With luck and a little nudging of my partners in crime, we will be in a regular rotation on three cable channels in Portland sometime within the first quarter of this year. My brother in Kalamazoo, MI also has cable access connections and will be broadcasting the show as well sometime later in the year. The show is called Trinity By Night and information about it can be found online.

Lastly I am in the middle of putting together a greater Portland area Industrial compilation. The name of the compilation, which was voted on by all artists submitting tracks will be Undercurrent. Currently the project is scheduled to be released on May 1st, with servicing available for interested record labels, DJ's, clubs, radio shows, and magazines. More details on this project will be released as it comes into fruition, so stay tuned.

As you can see, I'm just a little busier than most sane people should be. And to think I work a forty hour a week job on top of all my social activities. Either I'm more than a little insane and overworked or I'm more than a little too eager to help out the music scene. I haven't decided which.


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