Editorial: October 1996

I seem to have run out of controversial topics to preach about in this month's editorial so I'll tread into unconventional waters and instead enlighten you about two new projects that I am working on.

In the next several months I am working on acquiring both a radio show at KPSU here in Portland, OR and a cable access music video show through a local cable provider. In fact I started my first DJ training session several days ago and at the completion of the six week course, I will have my license, although not necessarily a radio show. Apparently the demand for Industrial DJ's is so high that the 11pm-Midnight time slot is very full and I will have to fight tooth and nail to acquire a show. I suppose only time will tell...and the bribes to the right people.

As for the cable access how, I happened to stumble into a local cable access expert by the name of Cheyne within the first few weeks of arriving in Portland. On a whim he asked me if I'd like to start up a video show with his knowledge of production and access to equipment, and my music contacts to acquire a regular supply of videos. So here we are a month later and I have four, one hour shows all planned out and he is in the process of coordinating a time to get into the studio to produce the shows with the cable access people. With any bit of luck, we'll be airing our first show by the beginning of November.

Web pages for both shows are currently available on the web. The video show is called Trinity By Night and the radio show is Wired For Sound. As soon as both shows begin airing on a regular basis, play lists will be posted weekly, as well as information on how you can obtain a copy of the show for yourself. So stay tuned and watch for any new developments.

It just goes to show you that with the right connections and motivation one can throw together a slice of the music scene in any normal sized urban arena. Of course my previous DJ experience and being the editor of a magazine for four years hasn't hurt me either.


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