Editorial: July 1996

Running around rec.music.industrial the past few weeks, I've run into more than my fair share of fascists, homophobes, and closed minded individuals who all seem to carry these ideas within a tightly veiled facade of character. Why someone would get their kicks from acting like a Nazi, or an electro-purist while vehemently attacking other people's opinions is beyond me. It is as if they don't have anything else to do with their free time than to harass random denizens of the net with their propaganda. So I've come up with a new idea to spoil their fun.

Lately, I've been trying to call the bluff of these individuals, berating them with one hand while slapping a hypocrite charge with the other. Of course, one might accuse me of acting in the same juvenile manner as those playing similar mind games on the net, but at least in my case I have a valid reason. Generally, once people who play mind games get them pulled on themselves, they quit performing such tasks, at least in the interim period, which gives their social peers enough time to rally and whip the guilty individual into shape. Reverse psychology is a fun, yet time tested therapeutic technique. Pity I am not a clinical psychologist. Anyways, enough of the ego stroking parade of mental infidelity.

I just spent the 4th of July weekend down in San Francisco doing a lot of work for future issues of Sonic-Boom. Upcoming months will have interviews with Gridlock, Xorcist, Killing Floor, Gracious Shades, Unit:187, Scar Tissue, Terminal, and Venus Walk, as well as held over items from Under The Noise, Evil Mothers, and perhaps James Ray if things go well.

As you can see, Sonic-Boom is continuing in it's new environment in the Pacific Northwest, and is thriving rather than withering with new writers, more interviews, and a cornucopia of information each and every month. So stay tuned and sit back and watch the shows for the next few months as it should be mildly entertaining to say the least.


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