Editorial: June 1996

Well it's been two weeks since I moved 2300 mile to the west to the beautiful state of Oregon, and started my new job at Intel. So far it has been absolutely wonderful. The job is great, the people are fabulous, the music scene, albeit consisting of isolated cliques is very strong, and could be a force to be reckoned with if everyone communicated to work together. I really could not be any better, with the exception of being called a 'yuppy' every day by the eager miscreants of the suburbs.

You may have noticed that I picked up some additional help in the music review department. Kevin Congdon eagerly joined the Sonic Boom team to aid in reviewing music that I might not normally receive from servicing, and to add an objective second opinion on music reviews for those of you who wanted me to add more reviews to the magazine format. The majority of his reviews will be for various imports and hard to find release. He asked me to pass along that most import releases he reviews can be ordered directly from Digital Underground or Isolation Tank, as that is where he does all his import shopping. Kevin will also be aiding a hand in conducting interviews in the future and who knows what else I may drop upon his shoulders. So welcome him aboard, and feel free to drop him a line concerning any work he has written.

The magazine has a new domain name now! So you can access the front page by going to http://www.sonic-boom.com The old addresses are all still valid, and will continue to be for quite some time. However if you get a chance, please update the links to use the new address so I can accurately be updated on the access statistics on how many people are reading my magazine each month.

Thats about it for the month as I have to run out the door to a three day weekend at the Fenix in Seattle to conduct a few interviews and enjoy a lot of good music. As always, enjoy the magazine, and harass me if necessary.


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