Editorial: May 1996

Change. This simple word alone often seems to generate enough fear to drive even the strongest person from their daily routine in an attempt to keep from implementing it. Change comes in many forms, both good and bad, mostly bad according to popular opinion. Change doesn't necessarily have to be such a torrid affair as long as you have an open mind and are not afraid to experience something new.

I seem to have had more than my fair share of change on the last few months, more than enough to drive anyone out of their wits. All of this change has stemmed from one tiny little factoid in my life, college graduation. With the advent of the end of my college career, my life has been turned upside down as I prepare to move to another state, start a brand new career, all while still trying to maintain the tattered remnants of my previous existence. If someone's phone bill was any indication of the level of change in someone's life, mine would be a prime example, as I've spent more time on the phone in the last thirty days than I have in the past year putting together my future life from abroad so that my change will go as smoothly as possible.

Yet, from all this work, and time spent, instead of pulling out my hair in frustration, I have been able to thrive on this change. My time management skills have grown beyond bounds, as I seem to be able to get more done, in a shorter amount of time with an almost ruthless efficiency. To think that in the past five years of my life I have been able to publish a magazine, work two part time jobs, and manage to obtain a 3.3 GPA (4 Times Semester Honors), and a social life is an amazing feat. Who knows what the next few years will bring?

One thing for sure is the fact that I will have a great deal more capitol to exploit in my new occupation, coupled with a primary hobby of music can only lead to better and brighter things. Last weekend I had the unique experience of composing music for the first time. I was asked to interact in a live in studio jam session with some good friends of mine who also happen to supply my web pages for me. The experience at the outset left me dumb founded as I was totally unaware that I had a compositional skill whatsoever. Yet, once having completed the two hour session, I was left with a profound knowledge of individual growth and stimulation.

So I ready myself for the 45 hour, 2200 mile drive across the country with the forethought to continue my monthly musical publication, and perhaps expand myself into the arena of music composition simply because I know that I can. Only time will tell if I will be successful in my future venture less than a month down the road, but I know that I have embraced my new-found change with a fanatical fervor knowing that it will lead me to a higher level of personal satisfaction and self-worth.


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