Editorial: 12/15/96

God I hate the holiday season. Everywhere you go, people are cheery and bouncing all over the place. For some reason they all seem to walk around in a morose haze of guilt and apathy eleven months out of the year and then suddenly they explode into a frenzy of bliss. It's no wonder this world is so messed up. People have no sense to try and be happy all year long and instead are sacchrine sweet the entire month of December right before they mumble about taxes being due.

There is one good thing about this time of year though, and that is the ability to wander into just about any store and find a deal of a lifetime. Just the other day I saw some sale prices on stereo equipment and other music that were astoundingly low, and just wait until the after Christmas sales. You just have to love a market driven economical system that lets you purchase something and not have to pay it off for twelve months while racking up interest. Anyways, enough of my griping.

This month we have the usual issue in store for you. You'll also notice that the content has shrunk a little since last month, but November 1996 was perhaps the largest issue I've ever release, and maybe the largest I'll ever release. I was a little ambitious to say the very least, and I've decided to show a little restraint from now on in order to not make the competition look extremely bad.

I also added a one time feature of advertisement/artwork. A friend of mine from a local project puts together his own posters for all of his performances. This month he asked me if he could print five copies of his artwork in order to promote his upcoming event. I was a little hesitant, but after looking at the layout, I was shocked by how much of a good eye he has for layout and presentation. So I agreed to print the advertisements more as a collection of art than as a true marketing blitz. Hopefully you'll get some benefit out of them and he will get some much needed publicity.


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