Editorial: November 1996

Well, I was saving up for a vicious attack on the music media and other related marketing stooges this month but I was just too busy to actually devise any witty prose this month. It is a good thing that I didn't because the following article was printed in the November 11th newspaper and summed it up perfectly for me.

MTV boss readies extensive makeover

By J. Jolson-Colburn -- Billboard Publications

LOS ANGELES -- MTV's look is about to undergo a complete revamp.

MTV President Judy McGrath said the makeover would be extensive and would give the cable channel an offbeat new image. "We will lose a lot of the things that you see every day and let the creative people get weird again."

This is not the first time the channel has restructured its whole look and format. However, it always is of great concern to record labels, which almost are obsessive about all-important video airplay.

Andy Schun, executive vice president of programming for the channel said the labels were nonetheless being supportive.

"We did this about three years ago, and the labels were very concerned. But we went out and did what we said we would do, breaking new artists. We helped jumpstart the industry with a new generation of alternative music.

The Last time the makeover was driven by artists like Kurt Cobain and Dr. Dre, and I think our viewers want us to shake things up again," McGrath said.

To be increased will be a number of nonmusic programs such as game show "Idiot Savants" and shows with Dennis Rodman and Jenny McCarthy. In addition, several new specialty music shows such as "Amp" will appear to spotlight rave, vibe and techno music.

An indie music show also in the works, described as edgier than MTV's "Alternative Nation", according to McGrath, who said the program would be like "home videos".

The show tentatively called "Indie 500", comes as good news to young bands and independent labels which traditionally have had trouble getting airplay on the channel.

It looks like someone finally shot MTV in the ass and perhaps they will finally start paying attention to those artists who really have talent. Either that, or once again they will become manipulated by the corporate sharks at the big record labels.

In other news, Sonic-Boom broke 100,000 hits last month for the first time. It seems that this magazine is so popular that it has been receiving a 10% increase of readership over the last six months. This has me floored and ready to continue exposing new, underground, and breaking artists in this genre of music.

You'll notice the increase in interviews and music reviews as a result of our increased visibility. Hopefully we will still be able to provide the same level of quality service in the future, while still increasing our depth and volume.

Also if you happen to reside in Portland, Oregon stay on the look out for me on KPSU 1450 AM on Thursdays from 11pm-12am. Occasionally I get to guest DJ, and will eventually have my own show and timeslot come January. The cable access music video show is slated to begin production the last week of November, and begin airplay sometime in late December or Early January. We are only waiting on approval of a weekly timeslot and the technical skills of my cohort prior to beginning the show.

Anyways, enough of my psycho babble.


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