Editorial: December 1995

As I write this it is two days before Christmas as I'm busily hurrying to finish my tenth issue of the year. The majority of this issue was written from bed with a Digital 486 DX100 full color active matrix laptop that my father lent me over the holidays. I've also been under the influence of more than a fair share of mood altering drugs because of the removal of a single wisdom tooth earlier this week. I'm not normally too keen on subversive chemical additives but the ibuprofen to control the swelling, the codeine to ease the pain and the penicillin to dissuade infection have been a life saver the past few days. And to think I actually considered letting them stick me with a needle and going under a sedative for the removal of a single tooth. What was I thinking? At any rate all of the reviews were written under the influence of narcotics, anti-inflammatories and pain killers so you might notice them being a bit more open minded than usual. The nifty spell checker and thesaurus on Word Perfect didn't hurt either.

The band interviews this month were originally going to contain Thine Eyes but that interview, while completed will be postponed in order to publish an interview with SMP & Noxious Emotion prior to their Data Corruption tour of the west coast in January. Other interviews with coincidentally pacific northwest bands include an in studio interview with Eric Powell of 16 Volt and an on location communication with the boys from Kill Switch... Klick left over from my little business vacation in Portland, Oregon. Of course the usual music and literary reviews are included and I've done my best to try and wipe out all the CD's and cassettes in the 'To Be Reviewed' pile with the exception of a few things that arrived too late to add. I'll even be printing reviews of music that has yet to be released. Take that Industrial Nation you lazy print publication! Alright enough of the open handed cuts and onto something slightly more intellectual.

Have a safe and happy holiday season no matter what religion you practice or fail to practice and remember that the holidays are not just for gift giving and religious non/observance but in fact a time to collect your thoughts, and tax receipts, before we barrel head long into yet another year unsure if we'll live long enough to see the next one. As for me, I'm framing my Dean's List report card, hopefully exploring a new relationship (fingers crossed), and ready to graduate come May. So quit reading my diatribe already and go read the crux of this magazine!


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