Editorial: November 1995

It's time again for another fun packed issue of Sonic Boom, but before we begin, I'd like to share a little insight with you. I've done a great deal of reflecting lately in regards to my life lately. While it is only November and I don't graduate from college until May, I've actually received and accepted a job with Intel. So come June of next year, I'll be living in Portland, Oregon. That simple fact alone is going to have a drastic effect on the way I conduct my life and indirectly this magazine. I've thought long and hard about how I would be able to continue a non-profit net only publication with a subtle lack of computer hardware when I move away from the glorious computer resources of my university. I've come to several hard conclusions, all of which will mean the continued life of the magazine for years to come. Most of which will be the investment in a flat bed color scanner which will run in concert with either a Mac IIcx or 486 PC, whichever I can purchase cheaper from my parents who between them have enough computer hardware to choke a large fuzzy rodent.

One thing you might have noticed is the regular monthly publishing of this magazine since it hit the World Wide Web. I've impressed the hell out of myself and many people in the music industry by being able to publish a free, non-profit, net based magazine while still attending college, maintaining a 3.06 GPA, and working two jobs to pay my way through school. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope to maintain this publishing schedule through the new year. In an effort to to do this however, I will probably have to sacrifice some of my creative control of the magazine. I will be trying to pick up staff writers for interviews as well as expand and find monthly columnists for feature articles and add some more depth to the magazine. This is all tentative and subject to change but I think that in order for this magazine to maintain it's readership and to expand into new horizons it needs a few other creative minds besides my own. So expect to see a few new faces and contributions from other authors within the next several months.

I'll also be adding an editorial column to each issue as well as any feedback that I receive from readers. I will try and continue to post the issues to Usenet until such time as they reach such a horrid length that I'm beaten off by complaints. Sonic Boom will try and focus more on the net version of the magazine with more features and discussion and will always be available in it's text version via e-mail even if I no longer post it to Usenet. None of this is meant as a harbinger of death for the magazine but instead a continued growth and evolvement of a pet project of mine that has grown beyond all the initial ideals I had set for it.

I hope you enjoy this issue. I've got an an in studio interview with Jared of Chemlab, a concert interview with Journal of Trauma and Noisebox along with the usual music and magazine reviews. As always, feedback is appreciated.


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